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"Problems that remain persistently insoluble should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way."
Alan Watts 


My Approach

I have a real belief in human beings and their capacity for change. I truly believe that it is our natural tendency towards growth, evolution and authenticity and therefore our ability to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives with close connection to ourselves, other people and the planet. 

However, these two needs, connection and authenticity may have often been perceived as conflicting. Our need to bond and form close relationships (especially when we were children) is crucial to our survival. Yet difficult experiences mean our authentic selves get lost in this process. We learn to disregard who we are, what we need and/or want and how we feel in order to maintain these relationships.

This disconnection from our authenticity can lead to becoming increasingly estranged from ourselves, our emotions and who we really are. This detachment I believe is at the root of all emotional distress. 

Therefore, as a Person-Centred Experiential Psychotherapist I seek to be curious as to what experiences you have had which has taught you that you must supress who you really are in order to belong in the world. 

In my experience, it is through this shared curiosity, exploration and discovery as therapist and client, that we can start to work to re-engage with our feelings, learn to hear what they are communicating and with time, become reacquainted with our most genuine selves and in turn allow for meaningful and honest connections with others to develop and flourish

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