"Pain in this life is not avoidable, but the pain we create avoiding pain is avoidable."


R.D. Laing

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1 hour individual session - £45



I have never had therapy before, can you tell me what to expect?
The experience of therapy will be different for everyone and can vary considerably from session to session as it will depend upon what you wish to explore. However, if you have any questions that you feel you wish to ask before meeting for the first time please do contact me. 
How long with therapy last?
This is difficult to predict and can vary considerably. During the introduction session we can create a verbal contract where the length of time you wish to invest in the therapeutic process can be discussed. 

How often do I need to have therapy?
I would suggest that weekly therapy is preferable as it allows for the process to be integrated into your routine and with that growth and awareness is more likely to develop. If weekly is not an option for you, I will see clients once every two weeks, but no less than that, in order to ensure the process and frequency remain consistent. 

Is what I tell you confidential?
Everything you share in sessions is completely confidential and I will not disclose it to anyone unless I have strong reason to believe that you are engaging in money laundering, acts of terrorism and drug trafficking; at which point I am legally obliged to break confidentiality. 

What if I don't know where to begin and what to address in therapy?
I do know that starting therapy can feel overwhelming and there may be a number of thoughts and feelings you want to share and discuss, this is very natural. Part of the therapy process if you wish, is working together to decide what feels important to discuss right at this moment. As therapy continues, other areas of your life may want to be prioritised as self-knowledge and awareness develops.